Elisapi D. Aningmiuq

Elisapi has always admired the cultural skills and knowledge of Inuit. As a young girl, she loved to watch her mother sew and thus, became inspired to design and sew traditional clothing herself. She greatly respects the sustainability of northern fur, and admires and appreciates its beauty, versatility and durability, saying there is nothing else like it.

In 2007, when Arctic College introduced their two-year Fur Production and Design diploma program, Elisapi was a part of the first graduating class. Even though her focus remains on traditional clothing and accessories, she incorporates fashion and style into her practical designs. Elisapi designs pieces to suit the owner’s needs and personality in the hopes they will appreciate it as an essential item for their survival in nature.

Over the years, she has helped develop various cultural skill development programs for the city of Iqaluit, which teach the next generation of Nunavummiut how to make traditional clothing and properly soften skins. 



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