Victoria Kakuktinniq

Recently finished her studies in the Fashion Design and Apparel Production program in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Victoria has taken in as much knowledge as she could before returning to Nunavut to start her own fashion design business.

Victoria’s love of fashion is evident in the way she takes pride in the garments she designs, which she feels are as much about creating unique pieces as they are about embracing and promoting Inuit culture. Victoria's leather and fur garments exemplify the perfect marriage between traditional cultural design and modern fashion, while still offering comfort from the cold.

Sewing traditional garments has always been an integral part of life in the North -- a skill and craft passed on from generation to generation, and after taking a traditional sewing course taught by elders in Rankin Inlet and fashion design at MC College in Winnipeg, Kakuktinniq knew she wanted to take the craft to a new level.

Kakuktinniq takes the traditional mitt and adds fabulous embroidery detailing on the front in an eye-popping hue and finishes them off with a fur cuff in the same colour.
For more information on Victoria's designs you can check out her Facebook page -- Victoria's Arctic Fashion -- or contact the designer for custom work via the online form below.


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